We’re moms. We watch our kids every day and wonder how it is possible that they come up with so many incredible and surprising ideas? How natural and spontaneous they are! We envy that a lot! We see them take pleasure in simple things and want to learn from them. We also wish they never loose their creative side.

This is what inspired Chmurrra Burrra. Our admiration for kids’ imagination and their way of perceiving the world.

For many years we worked in book publishing. When we started thinking about our own clothing brand we naturally turned towards the environment we understand — books. Every day we’ve seen how kids in Poland react to all the wonderful books published in our market. Polish book illustration is so rich, so diverse and so popular among kids we wanted to make it a bigger part of their lives.

And so Chmurrra Burrra is a clothing brand. But also a bit of a publishing house. The prints in each collection are designed by a different book illustrator and every collection is accompanied by a book written by the illustrator responsible for the collection.

All our clothes are made of certified cotton perfectly safe for your child’s skin. They are all screen-printed with non-toxic, water-based inks that are better both for the environment and your kids. All the clothes are produced in Poland. We are conscious moms and having our own company we take pride in producing only what’s best for the kids.

Please join us! We’ll be honoured.

Katarzyna Rudzka