There is a tiny Toadstool who lives at the edge of the forest. And he loves entertaining guests!Every now and then little spiders and colourful beetles pay him a visit, a mouse rushes down the path or a frog stops by to have a chat. Even a forest goblin enjoys hiding under the Toadstool’s crimson hat. There is so much going on in the forest…

The forest serves as home for plants, insects, mushrooms and animals that live next to each other creating an inseparable net of relationships. It is filled with mysterious sounds and secret nooks perfect for little adventurers. The forest produces clean air, teaches us patience and focus, it even has a healing power. Come with us to the forest and take your kids with you. Lets show them how fascinating it is.

FOREST collection celebrates nature. It was inspired by one of the largest primeval forests in Europe located in Poland. Maria Dek — who created all the beautiful illustrations for our clothing and wrote the book accompanying the collection — herself lives at the heart of the woods and observes its inhabitants every day.

It was exactly the energy coming from nature that inspired our collection. We are always stunned by the richness of natural colours: the crimson of hawthorn and wild strawberries, the intense green hue of leaves and the darker tones of coniferous trees. The azure of the sky and soft whiteness of clouds slowly drifting away on a sunny day. Gold dandelions and delicate yellow tint of late summer grass. It is what draws us to the forest, what we remember from childhood days and what we would like to show our kids.

All the garments in our collection are made of certified cotton. This season we’ve also decided to introduce a line of organic GOTS-certified clothing. Soft, delicate fabrics kid and environment friendly will be perfect for the summer. All the clothes were screen-printed with non-toxic, water-based inks that are better both for the environment and the kid’s skin. Everything we do was made in Poland.

We hope you enjoy our clothes and ideas we share. We invite you to follow us to the Forest :)