Who Visited Tiny Toadstool?

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Maria Dek
25 September 2019
162 x 235 mm
Softcover, 32 pages
Age 3+

There is a tiny Toadstool that lives at the edge of the forest. And he loves entertaining guests! Would you like to meet them? Colourful beetles play hide and seek nearby, ants rest in his shadow, a grasshopper pays a visit with his band of musical worms, a busy little mouse hurries by saying hello. There is so much going on in the forest! Now you can be a part of it. Come and visit the Tiny Toadstool. Who Visited Tiny Toadstool is a beautifully illustrated book about the life of forest and its inhabitants. In both poetic and easily understandable manner it speaks about symbiosis, photosynthesis and other phenomena that parents are not always comfortable to explain to their children. It shows all the different relationships within the forest and explains how the elements, plants and animals live together. It’s a celebration of wildlife much needed in times when children spend very little time surrounded by nature.

The book was published as a part of THE BEST POLISH ILLUSTRATORS series.

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